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License Compliance Inspections

Royalties, Inc. is a proven leader in providing royalty compliance inspections for the Licensing Industry. With over twenty years of experience in license compliance, we have the expertise to execute your inspections in a professional, timely manner. Because we understand the importance of maintaining a positive Licensor/Licensee relationship we strive to make the Licensee as comfortable as possible with the inspection process. In addition to determining if there was any over or under reporting of sales, our staff works with the Licensee to correct the problems that caused the variances in the first place.

We find that in most instances the under reporting of sales is a result of a royalty tracking code not being attached to new SKU’s that were added after the initial license agreement was put into place. Additionally, we often find that unique retail packs are assembled which contain more than one licensed item. In the case of multi-licensed product within the same SKU, quite often only one, if any of the items are tracked for royalty reporting purposes.

If you own a licensed property, allow the experts at Royalties, Inc. to provide you with the assurance that you are receiving all of the royalties due to you.


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